& TRADITION: The iconic Flowerpot in a new size and additional colours

The Flowerpot lamp was designed by Verner Panton in 1968 and has been a beloved part of &Tradition's collection since 2010. With its two semicircular spheres facing each other, the lamp has long proved its lasting design quality and is just as much a synonym of our time. 

The Flowerpot is now available in a new mid-sized option designed to fit perfectly over a dining table.

Two additional colours - Red brown and Light blue - have also been added to the range.

The new mid-sized pendant Flowerpot VP7 is Ø37cm and fits perfectly over a dining table.
Here seen in the new colour Red brown
Flowerpot VP3 in the new colour Light blue

"More than fifty years after it was created, the Flowerpot
continues to lend its unconventional credentials
to homes around the world."

Martin Kornbek Hansen ' &Tradition founder and CEO 

The Flowerpot family
Flowerpot VP1
Ø: 23cm/9.1in
H: 16cm/6.3in
Flowerpot VP7
The new mid-sized pendant
Ø: 37cm / 14.6in
H: 27cm / 10.6in
Flowerpot VP2 
Ø: 50cm/19.7in
H: 36cm/14.2in

Flowerpot VP4
Ø: 23cm/9.1in
H: 35.9cm/14.1in
Flowerpot VP3
Ø: 23cm/9.1in
H: 50cm/19.7in

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